Client Led. Team Built. Profit Driven.© 

Strategies with the right balance to help you reach your potential. 

We offer a professional, value added consultancy to grow your business. It is based on the maxim of keeping it simple and effective.


Thank you for visting our website. Business Improvement Management (B.I.M.) consultants help SME and professional business people to launch or grow their business. We provide help and business support when you need them.  

Talk to us and we will be happy to review your objectives with you. We work with business professionals: architects, solicitors and accountants' clients to help them achieve their business goals and work as required, either on a retained or on a project by project basis.

We can help you achieve your goals by providing business coaching and consultancy for you to reach your profit potential or make the quality improvements you would like to see in your business.


In a nutshell, we can assist you and your team to achieve more by helping you to develop and implement strategy. Contact us today.


Scope of work

We will help your business improve or become -

Client led or user friendly, areas include: market research, mystery shopping, R&D innovation to help you improve and develop your product and services that your clients want.

Team built or consistency in the delivery of your services every time you make a sale. This can include: reviewing your systems, client engagement or CRM strategy, training and development needs.

Profit driven and attain your potential: we can help you identify and implement cost control, benchmarking, pricing strategy or where new income streams can be developed.

Without the right balance of these in the right measure it’s unlikely that your business will achieve its potential for you.   

We are focused on you to deliver measureable improvement, whether helping with a specific project or providing on-going non-executive assistance.      


We can help with a specific project, "problem area" or as a retained non-executive support. Because every business has problems that need addressing, the question: when, where and how?

Benchmarking, market trends, research.  Mystery shopper.  Product development, innovation and brain storming. Marketing and client contact strategy. 

Finding your profit potential. Support when you need it to help you achieve more. Business growth and profitability. 


Business Growth Expert 

Contact Andrew Richardson, Director & Business Growth Expert today.